Undergraduate Courses in Painting And Graphic Design Delhi

Undergraduate programs at EERA incorporates in-depth study creative subjects: Painting, Sculpture, Ceramic Design, Graphic design, Fashion Design, Photography, Jewellery Design, Interior Design, Furniture Design, and Makeup for Fashion. We enable students to access cross-course teaching and facilities, as well as work with their peers in other fine art areas.

All undergraduate fine art students attend cross-course teaching and tutorials throughout their course, even though they are primarily based in their own subject areas. AT EERA, we engage our students with the current ideas and methods in their particular field and encourage every student to develop their own identity and interests.

Study Level Undergraduate
Study Mode Full time
Course Length 4 years
Application Applications for 2016/17 entry are now closed.
Deadline Applications for 2017/18 entry are OPEN NOW
Undergraduate Program Schedule-

Year One-
Foundation Level

Year Two-
Unit 1: Introduction to BA Drawing, Painting, Photography and Sculpture
Unit 2: Defining the subject - What is Painting
Unit 3: Critical context and reflective practice
Unit 4: Exploring subject possibilities - Signs of Painting

Year Three-
Unit 5: Options - Extended contexts
Unit 6: Presentation and exhibition
Unit 7: Defining a context for your work
Unit 8: Presentation, collaboration and development

Year Four-
Unit 9 - part 1: Context - Dissertation, work placement or live project
Unit 9 - part 2: Personal and professional development - Portfolio, includes contextual statement, evaluative report and digital portfolio
Unit 10: Individual program of study

Undergraduate Courses at EERA-

Sustainable practice through traditional and experimental methods of painting provides our students with a strong grasp on concept and art. Our students get an opportunity to learn from artists with painting as their career forte.

Sculpture Design-
This course is for students willing to gauge the heights and the depths of sculpture making including technicalities, history, concept and every other dimension. It allows them with an independent studio practice along with exhibiting their work at exhibitions.

Ceramic Design-
In-depth understanding of ceramics is offered to students who see a potential in this design-led creative journey. Whether it is 2D pattern or 3D form of subject approach, students are set on an independent learning experience with experts.

Graphic Design-
The course offers students to learn the art of strategized and conceptualised visual communication. Graphic Design has a lot of applications and implementations attached to it. An undergraduate in this program opens the gate for students to pursue advanced study in this field. From the rudiments to the handful of the practical approach, students get to practice every detail by themselves.

Fashion Design-
If creating fashion is what intrigues you, starting with an undergraduate program is best for you. The students would be encouraged to experiment, learn and follow different suites of fashion and fashion industry. Through hand-on practice, the students will practice the art by themselves so as to consolidate their basic knowledge before going on for advanced studies.

From the very basic aspect to technical prowess in the area of photographic study, the students are encouraged to learn and practice different facets. Helping every student to consolidate their unique visual language is the key to develop enhanced practical cling on the area of study. We offer learning of digital along with film photography.

Jewellery Design-
The program would offer students to become a Jewellery designer by helping them to learn the skills and techniques behind design from the very beginning. Anyone who is into the family business of jewellery and wants to hone the skills required in this field or an aspiring student who has analysed the very proliferating market of this industry and go on to become a professional can pursue this course.

Interior Design-
The program is for students who want to learn the very nitty-gritty’s of the interior designing industry. With this industry growing at a very high pace, there is a strong potential and opportunities in the area of study. The study will enable students to practice and learn the concept of space and strategizing creative inputs for designing.

Furniture Design-
The course is the perfect opportunity for students looking to practice how to convert the design ideas into three-dimensional reality. The course is a stepping stone for students to develop their creative aspects into the designing of furniture and related objects.

Make-up for Fashion-
This program incorporates all the skills that are required to become an in-demand make-up artist. The study is curated to teach all the latest trends and techniques in the make-up industry. It incorporates all the practical and conceptual knowledge required to move on to further practicing the art of professional make-up.