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实习与为期两年的实习课程同时进行. Similar to the practice courses [Foundation Practice I and II, Clinical 社会工作 I and II, or Community Practice, 政策, and Advocacy (CPPA) I and II], the Field Placement begins during the first week of fall semester, and ends the third of fourth week in April, 第二年. For students entering the 程序 as part-time students, your Field Placement begins 第二年.

如果你是 免修 您的领域安置从高级年(高级临床或高级CPPA)的常规领域日历开始。, ending the following spring semester the third or fourth week in April.


详情请参阅 领域的教育 calendar for specific dates and other pertinent information.

学生有机会充分接触社会工作的宏观和微观层面, 多样化的人口, clinical and community practice interventions, 非营利组织管理 strategies, evidence-based practice, challenges and opportunities of contemporary 社会工作. 学生将学习利用不同的方法和模式的评估和干预, developing plans and evaluating services. At the core of the field 经验, students will also encounter and strategize practical ways to advocate for human rights and social and economic justice while applying 社会工作 values and ethics.

基础年的实地实习使学生适应社会工作这一职业, enabling them to engage clients, assess client and community needs, and provide direct service interventions to individuals, 家庭, 组, organizations and communities.

高级年的现场实习建立在第一年的基础技能. 高级临床的学生将能够展示对临床的高级理解, 生态, 发展和社会文化理论告知和改善临床实践. Students in the Advanced Community Practice, 政策和宣传重点将集中于政策分析和改革, 社区组织, 非营利组织管理, 政策制定过程的研究、评估和知识的发展.

发展知识和技能,提供社会工作直接服务, clinical intervention with clients, and community practice, 政策和倡导是在专业社会工作者或, 在某些情况下, in the advanced concentration year only, a masters- or doctoral-level behavioral health, 公共卫生, or legal professional. Students placed in agencies where supervision may be provided by a master’s- or doctorate-prepared individual in a related discipline are provided the 社会工作 professional perspective through participation in a weekly seminar held at the School.

Field placements occur in a variety of settings. 这些可能包括, but are not limited to the following: inpatient, 门诊或部分精神病学环境,如社区精神卫生, medical and/or psychiatric hospital-based in- or out-patient settings; child welfare services, 卫生保健, employee assistance 程序s, juvenile justice services, 成人修正, 依赖的服务, educational settings, 家庭服务中心, 住房服务, 法律服务, policy or research institutes, maternal and child health services, neighborhood organizations, physical rehabilitation 程序, public welfare 程序s, domestic violence 程序s and after-school 程序s, 等.

The 领域的教育 Office assigns students to their field placement, working in conjunction with students to ensure that their field 经验 will support their academic coursework and enhance their professional growth. Your field placement is a significant part of your academic record and, 像这样, must originate from GSSWSR’s 领域的教育 Office; students do not arrange their own placements and agencies do not interview students in advance of contact with the 领域的教育 Office.

In assigning field placements, the GSSWSR considers the student’s previous 经验s, 利益, academic and professional goals, 以及GSSWSR关于机构资源的知识和适当的学习机会. Students are referred to only one field placement setting at a time.  

For full-time students entering the Foundation Year in the field, the 领域的教育 Office meets individually with each student within two weeks of enrollment in the 程序 and reviews students’ background, 经验, and areas of interest to match students with agencies. The 领域的教育 Office meets with part-time students entering the first year in field in early spring semester of the first year in the 程序 to begin the field placement process. Continuing students entering the Advanced Year begin the process of securing their placement in late fall or early spring semester of their Foundation or first year in the field; 免修 students begin this process immediately upon enrollment in the 程序.

While potential field placements are investigated, 谈判, and arranged by the 领域的教育 Office, students may suggest a new agency for the School’s consideration, 实地教育办公室将探讨该机构是否符合实地安置的要求.

Agencies seeking to provide a field placement must demonstrate compatibility of the agency's mission and philosophy of service with the values and ethics of the 社会工作 profession and the capacity to provide: a sufficient number and variety of assignments to develop student knowledge and practice skill in each of the CSWE EPAS core competencies; supervised in-depth 经验s with individuals, 组, 家庭, organizations and/or communities, with opportunity for and expectation of student independent work with clients/client systems; ample time for field instruction to permit individual and group (where appropriate) conferences with students; field instruction from individuals with a master’s degree in 社会工作 (preferable) or related discipline, and a minimum of two years post-master’s 经验; adequate space and administrative resources to support student work; and, congruence between the student’s field assignments and assignments in the practice course taken concurrently with the field placement.

实地教育办公室将考虑实地工作安置方案, the following is required: The student must have been employed at the agency for at least 6 months and have passed the probationary period prior to 提出 it as a potential field placement site; the proposed Field Placement must involve assignment different from that required by the student's regular employment at the agency, in terms of work with a different population, 程序, or agency project; and, the proposed Field Instructor for the hours dedicated to your field placement must be different from the student's supervisor for their regular employment.


的基础上, or first year in the 程序, 学生在该领域相当于两个完整的(8小时)机构工作日/周, in both fall and spring semester. In the Advanced or second year, 学生在该领域的工作相当于每周3天(8小时)的机构工作.

Student schedules are arranged by the student with the agency Field Instructor and are based upon both agency need and student class schedule. 实地实习的开始和结束与秋季和春季学术(班级)学期时间表相适应. Part-time students may elect to carry out the equivalent of two full (8-hour) agency days/week throughout their field 经验 by extending time in field through June, 第二年, 第三年8月开始(见下文:如果我是兼职学生, what is the time requirement in field?)

 详情请参阅 领域的教育 Calendar for specific field calendar dates and other pertinent information.

现场布置一般在工作日的正常工作时间进行. 实习机构通常不能在周末接待实习生, 仅在晚上和/或周末时间进行的现场布置的可用性是不保证的. Applicants are admitted with the understanding that they must be available for a minimum of one full day during the work week (Monday through Friday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.) as part of the regular weekly requirements for field which are: two full 8-hour agency days week for Foundation Year and part-time students electing the two-day/week option in the third year; and, three full 8-hour agency days a week for the Advanced year.


作为实习的要求,机构可能会要求学生申请许可和/或背景调查. 一些机构, 特别是那些在卫生保健机构为儿童或个人服务的机构, require child abuse and/or criminal history, including state and FBI clearances. 在某些情况下,机构还需要进行体检、特定免疫接种和药物筛查. Students must be aware that having criminal backgrounds or negative findings on screenings may delay start of placement or prevent them from being placed in agency settings. 这也可能影响他们获得专业社会工作者执照的能力. 学生负责与这些许可和测试相关的所有费用.

Occasionally a car for travel is required.


在实习的第一年,兼职学生每周工作2天(8小时), beginning in September and ending in mid-late April in their second year of the 程序; they carry out three full (8-hour) agency work days/week in the second, (or Advanced) year in field, 从9月开始,到4月中下旬结束,这是他们项目的第三年.

另外, 从2020年开始, newly enrolled part-time students may elect to carry out the equivalent of two full (8-hour) agency work days/week in both the first and advanced years in field. 选择这一选项的兼职学生在9月开始实地学习,并在MSS项目的第二年继续到6月, and begin their Advanced Year field placement at the beginning of August and continue until late April of their third year of the MSS 程序.

是的. The 领域的教育 final grade (Satisfactory, 令人不满意的, 或不完整)是在每学期结束时由现场联络员根据学生的专业行为给出的, 出席, and full participation in field learning at the agency placement; appropriate use of supervision with the Field Instructor and communication with the Field Liaison to further their learning; completion of required time in field; timely and complete submission of all assignments, including the learning agreement and process recordings, 参加与外地联络员举行的个别和实地会议, and the Final Field Evaluation completed by the Field Instructor.

The 领域的教育 Office takes into consideration whether students have their own car or will require the use of public transportation to their agency. 没有车的学生可以使用公共交通工具. 一般来说,实地实习是在学生所在地理位置的1到1个半小时内进行的.

实地教育办公室提供了在几个州实习的机会. 海洋之神鼓励学生在就业过程中尽早讨论到州外的计划,这样就会有一个很好的就业机会, 如果可用, 可以获得.

这是一种期望,学生将在他们的现场面试之前,他们被接受安置. Although an in-person interview is recommended, some agencies may be agreeable to phone or Skype interviews for students who are unable to interview in person due to geographical distance prior to beginning in the 程序.

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