Short Terms Courses in Delhi India

Short Courses at EERA are designed for beginners as well as experienced. They are organised in a manner to provide individual insight on an aspect of the study. Each of our courses are strategized with appropriate class sizes. So that the tutors can help each individual improve their knowledge and step up to the next level.

To help you access our short courses, we offer many flexible ways to study. Our experienced tutors are all practitioners and many of them teach on degree programs too. Best of all, our tutors are supportive and knowledgeable, which means that you'll learn by doing practical course work and from interaction the between students and staff.

There is just something so encouraging about being in an academy building designed for creative learning. While also being with new and interesting people from all over the world - it's a real cultural fusion and meeting point for creative minds.

Study Level Short Course
Study Mode Twice a Week
Course Length 3 Months
Application Deadline Applications for 2016 ENTRY are OPEN
Postgraduate Courses at EERA-

This course of photography will let the students to create a portfolio for self-professional practice or to enroll for higher studies in the field. It will give them a strong inkling about the concept and fundamentals of this very intriguing art while letting them to create their unique visual identity.

Fashion design-
The course will provide an opportunity to students for exploring the ambience of fashion world while practicing various design processes. Every aspect of fashion design will be undertaken for a broader vision of insight.

The course will allow the students to evolve the creative strength of self-expression. The course is based on visual learning exercises to teach effective insights of painting rudiments.

Creative Drawing-
Through various exercises, you will discover new ways of seeing and how you can improve your drawing ability. Working with both still life and a life model, you will be encouraged to develop your own individual approach to drawing while improving your technical skills.

Curation & Culture-
The course covers a broader approach of curatorial activities like organizing exhibitions, independent events, art products and even art publications. It also enables to learn and structure application of funding, building a budget and practical facets of installations.

The course is curated for students willing to explore the facets of using clay to create different artistic structures and to learn the intrinsic properties of the art.

Furniture design- This course is best for students who want to convert their ideas into 3-dimensional reality. The course will cover the concepts of creating sketches with the help of tutors and then, converting them into furniture design and model making through studio and workshop activities.

Graphic Design-
The course offer students to learn the art of strategized and conceptualised visual communication. Graphic Design has a lot of applications and implementations attached to it. From the rudiments to the handful of a practical approach, students get to practice every detail by themselves.

Jewellery Design-
This course is for people looking to start a Jewellery business. People who want to be a designer, a maker, wholesaler or retailer. Through the course of time, the student will understand the fundamentals of running a business in this industry along with the laws related to hallmarking and to manage other aspects of it.

Illustration- The improvement of pragmatic flair and procedures through workshops will be interlinked with gathering ventures and useful gathering peak. The course will provide students with a more extensive ambit of illustrative concept, representation and an array of methodologies.

Bag Design-
The course offers the learning of various aspects of handbag designing under the supervision of industry experts. During the course, the students are encouraged on designing new and fresh designs, shapes and styles. Through continuous group discussions and presentations, the classroom training experience guides the students theoretically fro fabric selection and fixtures.

Mix media-
This versatile course is for students who are interested in collectively practicing an artwork involving the use of different materials, medium and techniques. Oil, Acrylic, Sculpture, Photography, Paper, Collage, Ink etc., can be used in the same piece.

Abstract art-
This course empowers understudies to utilize a visual dialect shape, shading, and line to make an arrangement which may exist with a level of freedom from a visual reference. It is intended to offer expression to one's creative energy through visual standards like extent, symmetry and rhythm.

Installation art-
The course offers the students to explore installation as spatial practice. You will examine installation as a hybrid form that negotiates boundaries of traditional art practices like painting, sculpture, video and film. Also, you will develop the ability to find creative solutions to constraints and challenges in a fine art context.

Shoe Design-