It is not the camera , it is the photographer.

Buying a camera doesn’t make you a
photographer, It makes you a camera owner.



It is not the clay, it is potter.
It is not the guitar or drums, it is musician.
It is not the brushes or canvas, it is painter.
It is not the wand, it is the magician.
So, It is not the camera, it is the photographer.
Gear doesn’t matter. Making great pictures is about the
photographer, not the camera or the lens or any other
piece of gear.

Digital photo technology is progressing so rapidly these
days, it seems like everything is obsolete within a year or
Art comes from within the photographer. It does not reside
inside the camera.
Photography is technically based art form. However, it is
art and it is photographer, who makes the decision where
to point the camera and when to release the shutter.
It is that human interaction that can mean the difference
between a simple vacation, snapshot and a landscape
image, abstract photography or a captured moment that
stirs a deep emotional response in the viewer.
A master photographer can create great images with any
camera. A poor photographer can often create poor
images using the best equipment.
Photography, especially digital photography is so easy
today that the cameras do almost everything for you. It is
a photographer, who puts him or herself in the correct
place at the correct time, aim the lens and frame the
scene to create the perfect image.

There are photographers in the world who struggle to
explain aperature, exposure value or pixel but every day
they go out in the world and create great photographs.
They make art. The camera inner working and function do
not matter nor does the technology stand in the way of
their quest to capture beautiful, telling images. They have
natural ability to see a photograph and then use the
camera to capture it.
Like all art there are some who appears to have a natural
ability to, in the case of photography, “see” things better
than others and create compelling images of those vision.
At very core, a camera is just a tool for capturing light.
Even as technology is getting so crazy that you have to
focus anymore. The impact of an image will still depend
on the subject, the matter, the composition and the light.
These things can be captured on any camera.
But as the famous ” Ansel Adams” quotes goes “there’s
nothing worse than a sharp image of fuzzy concept”
meaning that don’t focus on equipment so much that you
forget about what really matters. Always remember to put
your vision and creativity first and let the tools follow you.
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